From Dusk Till Dawn

Welcome to From Dusk Till Dawn, an unaffiliated companion site to Die2Nite


The game Die2Nite is nothing short of spectacular in its genre. You take on the role of a resident in a post-apocalyptic town surrounded by a huge starving horde of undead, hungering for your flesh. Death is all but certain, the only thing you can do is delay it as long as possible. But beware, not everyone is as civic as you are and some are definitely set to gain even if it costs you.

Every day the horde grows stronger and every day the danger grows. Prepare to embark on courageous journeys, killing zombies in a dance of death, explore long-abandoned ruins, organize the community to defend itself, or just plain put yourself at number one. Die2Nite is a social game where death happens over and over again. Only the soul remains with your most remarkable accomplishments imbued for all to see.

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What this site does

This site is a companion site to Die2Nite. Players can keep track of data which they cannot maintain in the game itself. It helps players to organize what they have found in the World Beyond and it keeps players in touch with what is happening around them.

For a really excellent guide on using this site, be sure to read this walkthrough.

Want to know more? Check out the Tour below.


 How do I enable From Dusk Till Dawn for my Die2Nite account?

You will have to go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Your Soul tab
  • Step 2: Go to the Settings tab
  • Step 3: Check Authorise external applications
  • Step 4: Click Save my settings

 How do I start From Dusk Till Dawn?

First make sure that From Dusk Till Dawn has been activated for your user account in Die2Nite.

Then choose the little computer symbol in the top-left corner. This is known as The Directory. Here you choose From Dusk Till Dawn.

Die2Nite will ask you to confirm your choice. Select Proceed to : From Dusk Till Dawn

 Great, I'm in! Now what??

The Update My Zone button is your friend. A good best practice is to press it once on entering a new zone and once again, just before exiting. It takes a bit of practice, but this will get you the best long-term results with regards to quality of data.

 What's with the Firefox/Chrome plugins?

From the Die2Nite community has come the initiative to deal with the fact that a number of different Map tools were running at the same time, but not sharing the same master data source. The result is that a town would have to preferably use one tool, or risk difficult coordination of activities. To deal with this, two plugins have been created (one for Firefox and one for Chrome) which automatically update all four major map tools simultaneously.

The Firefox Plugin has been written by isaaclw.

The Chrome Plugin has been written by simast.

Note that the plugins only take care of the automatic updating of the information that is returned by the Die2Nite XML feed. The plugins do not take into account the specifics for a map application, such as scout peeks and available buildings. Neither do the plugins allow a more fine-grained control of the data in a zone. That said, the plugins are an excellent way for those with little time and/or those in towns with various map apps in use, to keep tabs on their own ventures.

 I have whacked lotsa zeds, but the app doesn't show it - why?!?!

The Die2Nite server has to deal with a lot of load, so the people from Motion Twin have decided to implement the sensible policy to work with caches on their server's side. The consequence of this policy is that information gets refreshed approximately every minute. So to answer your question, wait a bit and refresh your browser window to get the latest information.

 Why does the site seem a bit slower around attack time?

One hour before and one hour after the attack is the busiest time for Die2Nite. Most things happen during this period and also the American and European continents are both active around these times. Busy, busy, busy. Also for the server.

In the past these traffic jam hours have caused significant performance issues for the site. After the hardware upgrade, the performance issues have not reoccured. That said, during these hours the site can be slightly slower than at other times.

 Does From Dusk Till Dawn work with a Die2Nite wiki?

Yes, not just *A* wiki, but *THE* Die2Nite wiki. The players contributing to this wiki aim for perfection and From Dusk Till Dawn gratefully makes use of that by adding links for an in-depth explanation on Die2Nite objects.

 Are you still developing new functionality?

Yes. It may not always move with the speed that you would like, but, hey, that's a hobby project for you :) There is a thread in the world forum, called From Dusk Till Dawn, aka Duskdawn, where new functionality is proposed and discussed. Be sure to chip in there, if you want something.

 How does From Dusk Till Dawn work?

From Dusk Till Dawn only works because Motion Twin (the creators of Die2Nite) have enabled their application for external applications.

Whenever the application is loaded, or whenever a zone is updated (throught the Update My Zone action), From Dusk Till Dawn places a call to the Die2Nite server to retrieve the latest information. This information is then read and interpreted and used to update the map information.

Although From Dusk Till Dawn can read from its own caches, for the longer term, it is dependent on the Die2Nite server for its operation. It cannot exist without access to the Die2Nite server.

 What does your site run on?

The site runs on a MySQL database. The database is shielded with a Java backend, unlocked by a REST (Amazon-style) interface. The backend stack consists of Spring and JPA/Hibernate and various supporting frameworks. The frontend is pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript (mainly JQuery).

The platform of the site is run on a VPS by XLS Hosting, a dutch Cloud party with a very seductive VPS offer. The server is equipped with 1 GB internal memory, 2 Cores (4.4 GHz), 150 GB bandwidth and a 10 GB harddisk. Currently, about 25% of the harddisk is being utilized. The database already contains millions of records.

 BerZerg, are you mad? Why do you do this?

Technically speaking, I'm not mad. My reasons for running this site are to keep my programming skills up-to-date with something tangible, something people actually use. I have learned a lot about running a site under considerable load and all the performance tuning that requires. Also, this is a good chance to get some hands-on frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery) knowledge and a refresher for some backend technologies (Java, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, ehcache, Maven, GSon, Log4J, Mysql, HSQLDB, Quartz, SLF4J, JUnit, AspectJ). In my daytime job I program too little, so I need this.

Furthermore, I love to create something that has value for people. Seeing how this site is used and how much it is appreciated is its own reward. Thanks for the trust and encouragement, y'all!

A Little Tour

The slideslow below gives an idea of what the application can mean for you as a Die2Nite player.


This application has been created by BerZerg with help from the D2N Community. Special thanks are extended to SinSniper (Oval Office) for his prizeless help. The site is dedicated to Rulesy, the founder of the First map app for the english Die2Nite -- a big thank you.